In an age where the majority of small studios have gone "plug-in" crazy for all the cheap software plugins that are starting to take over the market, we take a more purist approach by equipping the studio with the kind of high-end outboard processing hardware usually only afforded by the big industry players.

Most of the signal processing for acoustic sounds is achieved during the initial analogue stage, using the live signal from the microphone. This signal contains the transients in their original and purest form, which enables the compressors & limiters to respond faster and with greater accuracy. When the signal is then digitized, the resulting conversion is significantly cleaner, requiring minimum processing in the digital domain.

The conventional method of recording "dry" and then performing all the processing in the digital domain often fails to detect and process the transients quickly enough, which distorts them and makes the sound harder to recognise. This results in a poor mix definition because the first few milliseconds of a sound impulse contains the majority of the information the brain uses to recognise and identify the different instruments.



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