ReaLive Studios was set up by David Salter in 2008. Although the concept of a studio was envisaged several years before, it took more than 5 years of design, construction and testing before it finally became a reality. Much of that time was spent testing and evaluating different hardware configurations to find the best recording methods for each setup.

The studio is built in a detached house bought specifically for the purpose, in a quiet area. So, technically it is a home studio, but unlike any other you are likely to see. The rooms were stripped bare and rebuilt from scratch with double thickness ceilings and floors, lots of insulation and premium quality double glazing. Any acoustic problem areas were identified and dealt with using bass traps and diffusors, and the furniture and fittings were especially designed and built for the studio in order to further optimize the acoustic properties.

The rest of the house is currently still under development - that takes second priority!



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