The acoustics of the drum room have been optimized for a tight and natural sounding kit, with just enough ambience for a feeling of space.

Our drum mic collection includes some of the worlds best microphones for acoustic drum kits, and we are able to provide a complete setup of 14 drum channels. These are fed to a pair of Focusrite Octopres which provide premium quality preamps and full dynamics control on all channels.

A typical 14 channel drum mic arrangement:

1 Kick Front Sennheiser E602
2 Kick Back Shure SM57
3 Snare Top Shure Beta 57A
4 Snare Bottom AKG C451B
5 Hats AKG C451B
6 Tom 1 Shure SM57
7 Tom 2 Shure SM57
8 Tom 3 Shure SM57
9 Tom 4 Audio Technica Pro25
10 Tom 5 Audio Technica Pro25
11 Overhead L AKG C414B XLS
12 Overhead R AKG C414B XLS
13 Room Ambience L BeyerDynamic MPC 65V
14 Room Ambience R BeyerDynamic MPC 65V

There is also a 12 piece electronic drumkit in the control room with several virtual drumkits and a huge library of drum samples.



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