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Will DC

Will DC has been performing as a solo singer/songwriter for many years, as well as singing and playing guitar and bass for several bands. He is currently working on an acoustic album with David Salter featuring a few new songs, plus acoustic versions of some of his previous material. Here are a few samples from the album, more will be uploaded as they are finished.

Elise Arnold

Elise recorded with us in March 2011 when she was only 15.

Tish Potter

Tish is probably better known for playing Diane in Holby City, and also for her roles in Brookside and Extras, among others. Here are some recordings we did with her singing some old classics, plus a few modern tunes in Boughton Church, Kent, taking full advantage of the natural acoustics, and accompanied by Stuart Neame on the pipe organ, piano and synths.

Sophie Hulbert

Sophie recorded with us in August 2010 when she was only 14.

Phil Smith

Phil is a well known sax player and teacher in the Kent area, and here he plays a few jazz standards on the tenor sax.

Tasha Duncan-Drake & Sophie Duncan

Tasha and Sophie are twins from the Canterbury area, and here we have a rare live recording of them performing a'cappella in Chartham Church.


XYZ are an 80's cover band, playing all the favourite pop tunes from the era with great skill and attention to detail.


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