Careful use of first-stage analogue compression results in a sound similar to analogue tape, but without the unwanted artifacts like tape-hiss, frequency modulation or bandwidth limiting. It will also greatly enhance the signal-to-noise ratio and digital bit-depth resolution of the finished production, compared to recording "dry" and processing later with a digital software plug-in, which is the most widely used method these days.

This is a far better recording method for material with a large dynamic range, as long as the analogue processors have a much greater dynamic range than the final digital format. This means the signal integrity of the front-end hardware plays a crucial role in the quality of the final result.

For this reason, we have invested heavily in the absolute best microphones and analogue processors currently available.

This recording method is clearly superior, but very few modern engineers are using it as it is much more difficult to do well, and requires more expensive hardware. Also, this method is not taught to students as it is unforgiving of mistakes and takes a great deal of experience and well developed "ears" to get it right every time.



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