ReaLive Collaboration

ReaLive Studios are currently offering a free recording, production and mastering service to a few selected artists, for the production of audiophile-quality recordings to promote the studio.

Preferably, we are looking for artists who already have rough demos of their material, and who have plenty of experience performing to a live audience, but we will be interested to hear from anyone with songwriting and/or performing talent, especially if there are any unusual acoustic instruments involved.

The finished productions will be available for free download on our website, or may become part of future promotional material, and the artist has complete freedom to use them for any purpose.

This is a great opportunity for any discerning artist with the skill to detect the subtle difference between a good recording and a great one. It is in both our interests to make the recordings as good as they can be, so no expense will be spared in achieving that goal. Most of the demos on our website are produced in this way.

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