Over the last few decades, the flood of cheap recording gear onto the hardware market, and the proliferation of audio-ready home PCs, has encouraged the emergence of thousands of small project studios and amateur home studios.

This has unfortunately pushed many of the large commercial studios out of the arena as more of the music we hear is produced in these totally inadequate environments that are often nothing more than an unmodified room in a house containing a few bits of audio gear - or in some cases, simply a computer with a soundcard! Even many of the recent so-called "pro" studios are now constructed without the consultation of an acoustics engineer. They seem more concerned with making the place look nice for the client, and pay little attention to the acoustic properties of the construction other than scattering a few bits of foam here and there to make it look right.

It is true that the performance of the low-end audio hardware has improved dramatically over recent years, but this is more than offset by the lack of suitable recording and monitoring acoustics, and the poorly skilled "software operators" that often pass for modern recording engineers. It seems these days, that anyone with a computer can call themselves a sound engineer or producer.



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